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The Charlotte Wolf Experience


A Heartfelt Invitation

To you, my future friend & lover,


I invite you to come on a journey with me. Lets explore the world together. Life is a precious adventure, time is our most valuable possession, and moments of truly letting go are profoundly powerful and absolutely priceless. 

Perhaps first, a dinner date to that fine dining restaurant that you're intrigued to try; or a trip to that exhibit that you've been meaning to visit; or that theatre production that you're eager to enjoy; or perhaps you'd prefer a night in, sharing a bottle of wine or two as we talk, cuddle, and kiss the night away.

Who knows where our journey might lead us. The world is our oyster, and whether its a day spent enjoying the sights of the city followed by an evening at your favourite 5 star hotel, or a weekend of sun, sand and sensual debauchery at your beach house, I am yours to enjoy.


Unwind in my company and in my arms as we explore genuine intimacy, connection and pleasure together. 


I encourage you to get in touch...

With love,

Miss Charlotte Wolf xx

Miss Charlotte Wolf
- Your Elite Escort & Companion -

Its a pleasure to meet you, I'm the enchanting Little Red Riding Wolf - aka Miss Charlotte Wolf - your affectionate inamorata, professional playmate and cuddle buddy, hedonistic honey and seductive sex kitten. I'm a sweetheart, wrapped in playfulness and dipped in mischief; a sensual, sinful tasty treat, and it would be my absolute pleasure to please & pamper you.

Are you seeking a journey into tender closeness, heartfelt conversation and raw sensuality... and perhaps an uninhibited adventure into devilish delights? Allow me to be your midday treat, your intimate evening rendezvous, or your dinner date turned all night indulgence. Enjoy the decadent delight of a wild, fiery goddess who loves the delicious art of the tease, and the orgasmic bliss that follows it.


As a well educated English born belle with smooth curves, soft skin and a kind heart, I make a charming companion and a tantalising temptress. Im a bisexual babe with an open mind, a wicked imagination and a passion for pleasure, so, what flavour is your fantasy? Sweet and simple, extremely erotic or kind of kinky? Your experience with me will be as unique as you are, as we indulge in stimulating x-rated adventures and the playful exploration of your deepest desires. 

An alluring natural beauty, full of flirtatious, bubbly energy, with a very cheeky smile, eyes to die for and a seriously sexy sense of fun to match. Relax in the arms of an attentive and masterful lover, as I slowly work my way to your total satisfaction, and leave our encounter lingering in your thoughts...


So, follow me into wonderland, and hold on tight, it's going to be one wild ride.


Your Petite Athletic Yet Curvy Courtesan

Health & fitness are a top priority for me. I workout at the gym, hike, go on regular runs, attend the occasional yoga and pilates class, and take my dogs for long walks daily. All this plus more means that I possess a petite, strong, fit yet feminine body. Curvy in all the right places, yet athletic and lean where it counts, my size 8 frame will feel a delight in your arms. 

My sultry green eyes, soft smooth skin and an appetite for all things sensual pleasure combine into a unique courtesan experience that you won't soon forget. My hair is currently styled in a classically elegant short brunette/blonde bob haircut. For the most recent photos featuring this look, I invite you to visit my twitter page, on which I regularly post updates and selfie photos.


I take good care of myself, and take pride in my appearance, so on our dates I will dress for the occasion. Unless otherwise requested, I prefer to wear delicate lingerie underneath stylish, sexy yet discreet outfits. If you have a particular outfit request or vibe in mind, please feel free to let me know. If we are planning an activity or a range of actives to enjoy together I will be sure to bring along the appropriate clothing. Want to see me in something special? A shopping trip is a welcome date idea. I will happily slip into, and out of, anything you desire.

I am an interesting mix of worlds. A sophisticated, educated and independent woman in my 30's who treads her own path, with the youth, enthusiasm and interests typical of someone perhaps slightly younger. In my spare time, I enjoy reading; writing; watching movies, a selection of sports and documentaries that interest and excite me; video gaming; getting out into nature; dancing to music underneath the stars; travelling; and living in a variety of ways that help me to experience the fullness and richness that life has to offer. I can be a bit of a homebody, but I can just as easily be adventurous and filled with curiosity to visit new places, try new foods, and do whatever fills me with joy and feels fun on the day. Yet even all of that is just the tip of the ice burg. I therefore invite you to get to know me better. Lets see just how much fun we can experience together.

Contact me xx

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