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Just beneath the surface of the everyday, adventure awaits us. 


So tell me, what teases at the edges of your imagination? Where does your wandering mind go, when it runs wild and free?



In my arms you will find a sanctuary, where all worries and tensions melt away, and endless combinations of inspiring escapades and sensual delights come out to play. Vivacious and enchanting, underneath my English born belle exterior, breathes the insatiably curious mind and fiery free spirit of a wild, erotic goddess.


In public, you will find me dressed tastefully with both seduction and discretion in mind. Behind closed doors, the sinful sex kitten emerges. Consider me your secret seductive sweetheart, wrapped in playfulness and dipped in mischief.


Athletic and outdoorsy, my toned size 8 physique hints at strong muscle amid luxuriously feminine curves. Blonde mid-length locks frame a cheeky smile, and bedroom eyes to die for.* 


You'll soon learn that as a shamelessly hedonistic, boundlessly affectionate, and genuinely bisexual companion, my passion for life, intimacy and pleasure, can be contained within, or extend well beyond, the bedroom walls.


Our time together is untouched by the needs and conventions of others. We can do as we wish.


Shall we meet for an afternoon treat?


Perfume and panoramic cityscape views mix with stimulating conversation… until our focus shifts, and eager hands explore every inch of you.


Or after dark?


Whiskey tasting lounging among plush cushions in our private booth. Concealed from prying eyes, we flirt by candlelight. Once in your hotel room, we finally give in to temptations so delicious, they leave our tasty encounter lingering in your thoughts


Perhaps an all day indulgence?


Arm in arm, we talk all things sublime, as we meander through the gallery. Back at the apartment, we yield to primal lust unleashed. Flushed cheeks enjoy afterglow cuddles, until we surrender to another appetite, and the decadence of fine dining degustation


And when location is no limit?


Exotic sea salt breeze kisses our skin. A day of jet skiing and skinny dipping. Later wet bodies and cocktail flavoured lips touch, as the ocean dances over our feet.


In the winter, a private chalet looks out over snow covered mountains. Passion in the hot tub followed by french champagne by the fire.

Of course, these are musings of my own imagination. I long to hear yours. 


With a world of possibilities at our fingertips, our experiences together will be as unique as you are.

I invite you to follow me into wonderland... and hold on tight, it's going to be one wild ride.

*New professional photos incoming. In the meantime, my recent selfies are available to view on my social media to see my current look.

The Perfect First Encounter

Dreaming of indulging your mind, body, senses and desires with someone who thrills and excites you?


With time on our side, and endless possibilities to explore, which direction would you like our journey to take you?


And where would you like to take us?

Dinner, drinks & time for desert (4 hours) from $2500

Half Day Dalliance (6 hours) from $3000​

Overnight Delight

A luxurious overnight rendezvous, for those magical evenings you wish would never end...   


Allow me to be your dinner date turned all night indulgence.


Heartfelt conversation, tender closeness and some rather devilish delights, before falling asleep side by side, to dream of the cuddles we will be waking up to in the morning.

Overnight (12-14 hours) from $5000

I have so many words to say about our day and yet so few seem to come. Safe to say that an afternoon and evening with Charlotte is quite possibly the most amazing 6 hours I have had. To look into those stunning green eyes - they reach down into my soul and waken something I never knew existed. I could stare into Charlotte's eyes all night ( and did so). I don't think I have ever felt such connection; instantaneously being at ease and accepted.

Our day was filled with free-flowing conversation, soul baring and fun.The world's greatest kisser and all capped off with the most amazing intimate, sensual and mind blowing moments.

- Will,

Miss Charlotte Wolf Melbourne & Fly Me To You Escort

Multi-Day Adventures

When you want it all... and time on your side. 

A high quality experience to be savoured and remembered for a long time to come.


24 hours from $7000

48 hours from $10,000

Planning a week or two away?

Contact me directly to discuss my travel companion packages and prices. 

VIP Luxury

As a VIP, you deserve only the best.


Allow me give it you to.


This package includes 5 star hotel, a bottle of bubbly, a fruit platter to share, and some deliciously luxurious time together


Luxury packages from $3000*

*Price listed includes 4 hours together. To discuss rates in relation to longer dates, please feel free to contact me directly.


Charlotte Uncovered:


In my spare time, you might find me in the gym training for strength and fitness, or taking my dogs for a long leisurely walk surrounded by the beauty of nature.

When not in motion, I am often enjoying the many gastronomic delights of whichever city I find myself in. Melbourne is currently my hometown, where we are lucky to enjoy a wide range of places to enjoy a cocktail, or delicious fine dining, but when I travel, I very much like to experience the culture at least partially through the local cuisine.

I also adore a good story, and adventures that tense and intrigue the mind, so to relax at the end of the day, I am often cuddled up on the couch with my head in a good book, or gaming on one of my various video game consoles.

I appreciate quality, love simple pleasures, and I prioritise fun and exploration. 

Fly Me To You

Un-rushed days and nights spent anywhere you choose.


I absolutely love to travel, It takes very little persuasion, and just a touch of charm, to have me packing my bags to join you on your adventures.


The world is vast, and life is short. Let's curate a dream together, then make it into our reality.


FMTY arrangements begin at AU$5000, plus travel, accommodation and relevant spending expenses.

Short But Oh So Sweet

Unwind in the company of an elite companion during a rendezvous that is sure to brighten up your week.


A mini holiday of the mind, body and soul to bring you back to yourself in all of the best ways. 


Just a taste (1.5 hrs) from $1000

Delicious indulgence (2 hrs) from $1500

All yours & more (3 hrs) from $2000

- Little Red Riding Wolf -
A Spicy Sinful Tale For Adults Eyes Only

Filled with hope and desire, a traveller sets out in search of thrilling adventures of mind and body.


They crave recreation filled with vitality, deeply satisfying intimacy and indulgent sensual pleasures.


Determined to find their match, they came across a hedonistic Little Red Riding Wolf on a hunt of her own.


Playful and wild, her enthusiasm for life is too big to be tamed or contained.


A secret rendezvous arranged.


Delicious anticipation gives way to exhilarating excitement.


Her invitation: Rest here with me a while.


Weary from their journey, The Traveller willingly obliges.


Time stands still, as minds meet, and bodies slowly intertwine. 


Quickened breath. A cheeky smile. The thrill of being alive.


Miss Wolf, what enchanting green eyes you have.


All the better to tease you with.


What beautiful teeth and luscious lips you have.


All the better to kiss and devour you with.


What shapely curves and athletic physique you have.


All the better to ride you with.




I invite you to join me in discovering how the rest of this story unfolds…

Charlotte-8071 copy_watermarked_edited_edited.jpg

Get In Touch

Now that you know a little bit about me... I invite you to get to know me more intimately... and allow me the pleasure of getting to know you.

 I welcome all enquires, however since my schedule rarely allows availability for same day requests, I highly recommend (and prefer) pre-booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Please keep in mind, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.


I am selective with who I spend my time with, so please take your time to fill out the form with all relevant information needed for us to start planning our journey together xx

Miss Charlotte Wolf

Mobile: 0431 019 589 (sms only)

Thank you for your enquiry x

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