"I know I should be saying that I met Charlotte a few nights ago, but I don’t think that would be completely truthful. I met Charlotte in person a few nights ago but I feel like I’ve known her for some time. We’ve flirted on social media – which is always fun – but more than that, we’ve talked to each other on social media. I mean really talked – not at great length or in great detail (although we did that in person) but about things that are important and meaningful to both of us. Charlotte engaged with me in a very real and human way, and I knew before ever I laid eyes on her that she was a truly beautiful person.

And so it proved when we finally got together in real life. To meet Charlotte Wolf is to spend time with an old friend you never knew you had – she has the ability to make you feel so completely comfortable that it seems like you’ve known each other for years, while at the same time engendering that rush of endorphins that comes with pouring your soul out to a new lover as you share private thoughts and dreams for the first time. 

Charlotte is gorgeous – that much you can see from her photos, although they don’t quite capture the magnetic depth of her eyes – but more than that, she possesses a warmth, an inner beauty that must be experienced in person to be truly appreciated. She is warm, soulful, thoughtful, passionate, engaging and interesting. Our meeting was everything I hoped it would be: a beautiful evening of emotional, intellectual and physical embrace, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing her again. 


Thank you, Charlotte. Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo."


-DAN -