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Sometimes piercing eyes engender fear, but not Miss Charlotte. They project warmth and comfort, friendship and eroticism, all at once. Miss Charlotte is that elusive presence encapsulating everything one could ask for of a companion. Conversation, intimacy and a guide to forget the world outside. Glad that those magical skills are used for good, for they could easily be misunderstood as witchcraft, such is the spell she casts.

- BSD, March 2023

We are a happily married couple who love to play so we decided to meet the beautiful Charlotte Wolf, we were both drawn to Charlotte’s amazing profile and found ourselves counting down the days to our meeting finding it extremely hard to behave ourselves until the day, the anticipation was unreal. Wow, Charlottes’s photos Just don’t do her justice, she is beautiful. Charlotte is highly addictive extremely sexy intelligent with a love to please attitude and down to earth. She was so sexually comfortable and with both of us, We both didn’t want the night to end. Charlotte is amazing and we are already planning our next visit. We highly recommend Charlotte for all couples and anyone wanting a genuine experience.

- Mr A and Mrs L, June 2023

I recently had the pleasure of spending a lovely afternoon with Miss Wolf. Conversation was easy and she is an accommodating, enthusiastic lover. A most excellent kisser, she was able to switch between sensual and carnal and back again with a blink of those amazing eyes. I will savour the memory of when she locked those eyes on mine and issued instructions. Alas, our time passed too quickly and I'm now counting the days to when I can see her again.

- Mr P, September 2022

My partner and I are opening up and exploring ethical non-monogamy. Charlotte was our first stepping stone.

I was so incredibly nervous - about myself and about having never been with a woman before (although I am a queer woman).

Charlotte was so authentically herself, professional and sensitive to my needs - pacing a
nd checking in perfectly. I felt safe to take new steps.

We found Charlotte to be elegant and attractive. She is exactly as she describes herself, including her fun playful side. She clearly loves and finds meaning in the work she does.

Thanks Charlotte. Hope to see you again

- "C", September 6, 2022

My partner and I enlisted the help of Charlotte to help us through a few big steps in opening up our relationship. In addition it was also my partners first experience with a woman. We were unsure of where the challenge points would lie and were naturally cautious so booked a longer session with no expectation on where we would land.

Charlotte handled the encounter with compassion, kindness, authenticity, and smouldering sexuality. Her pacing made sure that each progression was carefully managed while also healthily pushing just beyond the point of comfort. The look of joy in my partners eyes as she connected sexually with Charlotte is something I will cherish forever.

We both left the day feeling more secure in relationship than ever and excited by the opportunities this encounter has opened up for us both. Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude will be with Charlotte for the experience she gave us.

- Jaspeter, August 30, 2022

I have so many words to say about our day and yet so few seem to come. Safe to say that an afternoon and evening with Charlotte is quite possibly the most amazing 6 hours I have had. To look into those stunning green eyes - they reach down into my soul and waken something I never knew existed. I could stare into Charlotte's eyes all night ( and did so). I don't think I have ever felt such connection; instantaneously being at ease and accepted.

Our day was filled with free-flowing conversation, soul baring and fun.The world's greatest kisser and all capped off with the most amazing intimate, sensual and mind blowing moments.

- Will, August 23, 2022

Having recently and finally coming out of the closet after over 40 years while in a wonderful marriage and a handful of positive threesome experiences, I was ready for my first solo experience with a woman. I did extensive research to find the right worker who will meet my demisexual needs.

I chose Charlotte after doing a deep dive on her social media because 1) she gave off big queer energy, 2) she was able to perfectly juggle the line between professional boundaries and personal warmth, and 3) her eyes, gosh.

My research definitely paid off as Charlotte was every bit the perfect companion for
my first sapphic experience. I was so nervous, especially after seeing how gorgeous she is in person, but she put me at ease quickly. We connected easily on so many topics and time just flew by too quickly.

Charlotte is an incredible kisser. Being a late-blooming queer, I have grieved the missed adolescent opportunities for cute innocent yet exciting intimacy, but Charlotte's both sweet and cheeky manner had me replaying our kisses (and more) for days after like a hormones-fuelled teenager.

I am very much looking forward to my next time with Charlotte. If you are a woman on any part of a queer journey and wanting to be seen and your needs cared for, you'll be in very safe, sexy, and capable hands with Charlotte Wolf.

- Belle, June 2022

I was fortunate to meet Charlotte with another worker for what is one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. The care and attention to my comfort and needs were always a priority. Charlotte's seductive eyes helped make an exciting experience even more seductive. Her passion, warmth, encouragement and enthusiasm helped guide me to new heights of arousal. I can't wait to meet Charlotte again in the future.


-Lee, May 2022

Dearest Miss Charlotte I awoke this morning, still bathed in the afterglow of our sapphic tryst. Your sensual caress and luscious lips took me to the heights of utter carnal pleasure. You were tender yet commanding, affectionate yet ardent. You captivated my heart and soul and I am counting the days until our next date. To any woman contemplating an amorous encounter with a professional escort, you will find no one better than the divine Miss Charlotte. Miss M x

-M, Dec 2021

Where to begin. As a queer woman who has only ever been in long term, monogamous relationships, I was seeking a sensual experience but one in which I also felt connected to the person I was engaging with. Charlotte exceeded every expectation. Yes she’s physically stunning (the photos don’t actually do her justice), but she’s also a wonderful conversationalist, warm and authentic woman. I loved the moments of tender touch, passionate kisses and the honesty and ease of conversation that flowed. She made me feel beautiful, desired and respected. Truly a gorgeous soul to have crossed paths with. An evening that will be memorable for so many reasons. Thank you Charlotte xox

- Dee, December 2021

I met Charlotte on a humid near-summer night after seeing her profile and knowing we'd click. She was responsive, courteous, engaged, and I could tell from that alone that I had made the right choice.

She met me in a stylish robe with black lingerie. She is every bit as gorgeous as her pictures depict. We started slowly and sensually, and she unravelled the rest of the night with excep
tional taste. The sex was fantastic. Charlotte is a wonderful lover, a good listener, intelligent, eloquent, open-minded, and just knows what to do to please a lover.

Anyone with a scintilla of taste will appreciate their time with her.

- Aaron, November 2021

I saw Charlotte a few weeks ago and she had a friend come along at my request. All I can say was boy was it memorable.

Starting from her communication to fulfil my request to how comforting they both were when I arrived. Will definitely see again.

- Sam, July 2021

I just spent the most magical hour with Charlotte. The entire encounter is one that will live long in my memory. Her stunning smile and hypnotic green eyes should have made me nervous but I was made to feel at ease right from the start. She is very easy to talk to and I would have been happy to do just that but the first kiss had me lost for words. A stunning woman both inside and out, every moment was given with passion, care and sensitivity. A truely wonderful woman whom I cannot wait to see again.

- "BlueAsp", July 2021

Ladies, if you've ever been bi-curious, then Charlotte is your gal. She has a genuine passion for women, which is really important. I was incredibly nervous as l'd never been with a woman before, but Charlotte is lovely company and a great conversationalist, so she made me feel comfortable very quickly. Charlotte steered proceedings with a natural progression to the good stuff, but kept checking to make sure l was comfortable and enjoying the experience. (I was.) It goes without saying that Charlotte is gorgeous, with a hot body, and stunning eyes that truly need to be seen to be believed. I had a sensational evening with memories I will treasure for a very long time. So be brave and have an amazing experience you won't regret!

- Rebecca, May 2021

I could simply say in this testimonial that the Charlotte you see on the advertisements is the same lady you’ll meet in person. That communication wise it’s easy to arrange a booking & that what happens when the two of you meet won’t leave you disappointed but those simple words don’t do justice to the encounter.

I sleep walk through large parts of my life & the true gift an encounter Charlotte gives me is to wake me from my sleep however briefly. A reminder that life is more than the daily grind, more than a fortnightly paycheque, that at its heart life is a magical journey full of laughter, beautiful surprises and moments that make me dance on the inside in joy of the fact that I am alive.

- Hugh, Feb 2021

I had the pleasure of Charlotte's company yesterday.  I originally booked for 3 hours but Charlotte is so infectious and easy to talk to and we ended up extending for another 3 hours. Charlotte is a good listener and was eager to make sure my time with her was unforgettable.  Charlotte is also very pretty and petite and her presence is captivating. Those green
I cannot wait to catch up with her again soon.
Thank you Charlotte....don't you ever change.

- Mike, January 2021

Smart, mischievous, immensely likeable and sexy as anything.......... every minute spent with Miss Wolf is a glimpse of paradise.

....and those eyes..... Oh, those eyes!

- "Psnagg", January 2021

A great personality and a cheerful person. One of the best in class when it comes to her skills:)) Respect earned!! Thanks for making my 2021 even better. Will see you more often.

- Prateek January 2021

What can I say? I've run out of superlatives ....

"Princess" Charlotte is a loving mother-goddess; the definitive English Rose, a stunningly BEAUTIFUL woman who immediately put me at ease, who wrapped me in a loving embrace that had me transfixed.
We just connected and got along so well.

My one regret is it could not have lasted longer ...but we will meet again, don't know where, don't know when. xxx


- George, November 2020

Wow wow wow, what can I say. I was the very lucky gentleman that was able to for fill a life long fantasy and have wonderful afternoon with Charlotte and another lovely lady. I can not tell you how much fun we had, I could but gentlemen do not kiss and tell. What I can it was amazing, we laughed, we had passion and we just had the best time......... Charlotte is a beautiful lady, smart, fun and very passionate. This will go down in history!

- D, January 2020

I've only seen Charlotte twice (once in Melb, once in Sydney, with more than a year between drinks) but dare I say those two occasions rank in my top 5 experiences of all time. Enough said. Treasure the time spent, in conversation or between the sheets - she is wonderful.

- Anonymous, November 2019 

 I have spent time with Charlotte on two occasions.
Our time together felt so connected and so uninhibited. I did not hold any of myself back from Charlotte and I felt her fully. She created a safe space to bear it all. I was left with no hang ups (which I would have in the past) and our experience sits in the rare space with no ifs, buts or whats. I treasure that, it is so rare. I'll see you next time, soon hopefully.

- Adam, 2019

Today I had the pleasure of Charlotte Wolf’s company & whilst I could fill pages with platitudes about Charlotte Instead I want to share a quote from Vikings

“I just want to live … I want to live with the greatest intensity. I want to feel every moment of my life. as long as it last. I want to be more than just alive.” Halfdan the Black.

The gift Charlotte gave me today, was not her smile, not her sweet laughter, not her words & not the pleasure I received but that in her company I felt more then alive.


- "Had75", November 2019

I can’t explain just how wonderful the time I spent with Charlotte has been.

Charlotte is everything you could possibly want in a companion. Kind, funny, hugely affectionate, classy but also down to earth with a naughty/kinky side that might surprise you.

I hadn’t seen a working girl for many years and have also been single for years, so I was understandably nervous but excited to make a booking with Charlotte.

I was super impressed when she came to my door wearing a gorgeous summer dress and we sat and talked for a while, just touching & chatting, breaking the ice and getting to know one another before getting down to the nitty gritty. I can’t explain how much this helped my nervousness.

Once we moved to the bedroom, Charlotte teased me with her matching bra & panties, alternating between making out and groping one another as our clothes came off.

I felt like a teenager again, fumbling and excitedly kissing while getting into the underwear of my partner became an obsession. Charlotte gave as good as she got, meeting my passion with a fervour that stirred me in such a way I haven’t felt since I was a teenager.

She eased me back in to sex, intimacy, intercourse and oral sex in a way that made me feel special, capable and attractive all at once.

I couldn’t imagine a better experience than what I shared with Charlotte and I absolutely can’t wait to see her again as just thinking about her makes my heart skip a beat in a good way!

Thank you Charlotte, for making our time together so special. xx

- Dave, November 2019

Charlotte is the absolute dream girl. From the moment we laid eyes on each other, we just clicked, and our time together only got more magical from there. I could just get lost in her gorgeous green eyes, that is if I wasn’t distracted by the rest of her exquisite beauty. I adored our time together, and truly can’t wait to see her again next time she visits.

Thank you beautiful.

- Peter, November 2019

Last Monday, I had a unique afternoon with this indescribable woman. The pleasure of tasting every inch of her body gives you the ability to let your mind to travel to paradise. Her divine face, her delicious body, the way that she move, her technique of how to handle you, all these features, just to make you powerless in front of her. One of the most amazing experiences ever. Thank you very much for that, just can't wait for the next episode.

- Eddie, September 2019

Charlotte is fun, cheeky, sophisticated, compassionate and a generous lover. My experience with her was so intellectually stimulating and it wont be something I will be forgetting.


- “Mr Rainbow”, August 2019

To say I had a good time with Charlotte & Emma would be an understatement.

Our time together was both beautiful & magical.

Upon meeting both gorgeous women I was immediately put at ease and made to feel completely comfortable.

That is quiet the task when you are in the presence of two simply exquisite young ladies.

Charlotte & Emma are truly beautiful souls.

All three of us were all terribly excited with what was going to happen.

Conversation flowed so naturally from topics ranging from reading to travel. All these whilst drinking sweet mimosas.


When our afternoon moved to the bedroom, the experience was nothing short of breathtaking. Charlotte & Emma created a safe environment were everyone could be gentle, intense, playful and most important of all fell completely free to express yourself.

There was a genuine chemistry between the two girls that was terribly exciting & all consuming.

I could have carried on like that for hours.

Charlotte & Emma welcomed me in and made me feel a part of their energy...for that I am grateful.


- Blue Box Boy, August 2018

Communication was seamless. Felt i was going to connect well with her and the actual meeting was beyond my imagination. Thank you so much for a wonderful treat. Time well spent. Would love to meet her again...


- Sam, July 2019

I know I should be saying that I met Charlotte a few nights ago, but I don’t think that would be completely truthful. I met Charlotte in person a few nights ago but I feel like I’ve known her for some time. We’ve flirted on social media – which is always fun – but more than that, we’ve talked to each other on social media. I mean really talked – not at great length or in great detail (although we did that in person) but about things that are important and meaningful to both of us. Charlotte engaged with me in a very real and human way, and I knew before ever I laid eyes on her that she was a truly beautiful person.


And so it proved when we finally got together in real life. To meet Charlotte Wolf is to spend time with an old friend you never knew you had – she has the ability to make you feel so completely comfortable that it seems like you’ve known each other for years, while at the same time engendering that rush of endorphins that comes with pouring your soul out to a new lover as you share private thoughts and dreams for the first time.


Charlotte is gorgeous – that much you can see from her photos, although they don’t quite capture the magnetic depth of her eyes – but more than that, she possesses a warmth, an inner beauty that must be experienced in person to be truly appreciated. She is warm, soulful, thoughtful, passionate, engaging and interesting. Our meeting was everything I hoped it would be: a beautiful evening of emotional, intellectual and physical embrace, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing her again.


Thank you, Charlotte. Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo.


- Dan, June 2019

I met Charlotte on her recent visit to my city, and I had a lovely time with her.


She is very friendly and nice to talk to, and was interested to chat and get to know me a little.


She was very gentle and tender with me, which was perfect for me. I felt accepted with her, and intimacy felt open and connected.


She was very present and attentive, and I got the sense she enjoys her work genuinely. She asked questions and was interested to find out how I would most enjoy our time together. She was open-minded and positive about trying out some ideas I had, and we each tried something new, which was fun.


She looks amazing just like her pictures and I found her even cuter in person, maybe because she’s so charming, and her sparkly eyes.


Time flew by, and I would love to have stayed longer if I could have, for more cuddles and getting to know each other better. I hope I get a chance to see her again.


- L, June 2019

This may be one of the shortest testimonials I have ever written .. not because I do not have much to say or even because I am lost for words, although finding the words to describe Charlotte is a challenge. I had the pleasure of two meetings on Charlotte’s recent Sydney visit. I had been waiting a long time for our schedules to align, so when the opportunity came up I was very excited to finally meet this lovely young woman. I certainly was not disappointed. Charlotte’s photographs certainly do not do her justice and no photograph can capture the soul of a woman. Here is where Charlotte excels. Our connection was effortless, authentic and sensual and I left her hotel room floating and dreamy. This feeling coalesced and intensified over the rest of the day to the point where I simply had to see if there was a chance to meet again the next day for a reprise. The stars favoured me that week and early the next morning I was back in Charlotte’s embrace.

Now I am just left to ponder on when we will be able to meet again. Charlotte is a very special human being and I hope that she makes many more visits to Sydney. Until then, I will content myself with the indelible mark that she has left on me.


- CB, June 2019

Where do I start first things first very very accommodating, as soon as I saw her I knew she would be perfect very friendly, was super relaxed and made me feel like I was home with my soul mate , great conversationalist, I felt amazing just being in Charlotte's presence she was beautiful adorable cute sexy and such a goddess , gave me everything I need loved to just snuggle and hold her and chat about anything , simply put the number 1 best lady ever my future wife if she let me haha

-Zack, June 2019

So how to describe Charlotte? Alluring? yes Intelligent? yes Connectable? yes Captivating? absolutely. Intoxicating? yes


An hour and a half was most definitely not enough, but had to be. She's exactly the person I imagined her to be and I could have easily and gladly spent our entire time together just talking.


A rare treat and I look forward to meeting up with her again. (Please come back to Brisbane)


- Mick, June 2019

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte for the very first time. After viewing her profile on SB I decided to take the plunge. Her photos are gorgeous and her profile explanation interested me greatly. Contacting and arranging a booking with Charlotte was easy. With great anticipation the day of our booking eventually arrived.

When Charlotte opened the door at her accommodation, there standing right in front of me was a true vision of beauty. Seriously Charlotte's photos do not do her justice.

Beautiful face, eyes and a vivacious engaging smile that will light up any room as well as an easy going personality and nature that puts you at ease immediately.

Her body is to die for. Magnificent curves in all the right places that must be adored, caressed and appreciated. To explore every inch of her is simply divine. A temple of beauty is not over describing the beautiful Charlotte.

After getting to know each other we engaged in what I would describe as a totally beautiful, sensual, amorous and erotic time together. Her kisses are exquisite and caresses are spine tingling. My desire for Charlotte was immense and she made me feel totally alive. Thank you so much Charlotte for a rendezvous that will be forever etched in my mind. If you were to look up the definition and description of genuineness and sheer beauty in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Charlotte.

I hope that Charlotte will allow me the pleasure of seeing her again, so that I may experience even more of such a gorgeous lady.

Tim xx

- Tim, May 2019

I met this young lady last evening, after a long long day, late in the evening. Whilst I sipped on a red, she almost bounded up to me, full of the energy of youth. And we talked, and we talked some more, about insignificant nothings, whilst we built our trust with each other, and settled into each other’s minds.


Upstairs, her femininity took me.


Her style, how she presents the soul within.


And we shed the final scraps of cloth between us, at that moment, I became forever changed.


My maiden flight with a lady of the night, and my maiden flight after a tragedy.


I was safe, comfortable.


We went a little wild.


I was healed.


- Oliver, May 2019

My interest in Charlotte's profile spiked my interest because of her uncanny resemblance to a girl from my youth. When the time came to book, Charlotte's communication was easy and relaxed. Once Charlotte showed up in the outfit I requested, all my nervous feelings faded away.


Charlotte has the ability to make you at ease with her beautiful smile, and cheeky personality. For me, personality is just as important as physical attributes. Charlotte has both covered, in spades...and the time between the sheets, was heavenly. Our conversation ranged from The Universe to dinner, and everything in between!


I would categorise our time together as, fun, relaxed, sexy, interesting and definitely an experience to be repeated.


Charlotte is just a really nice person to be with, what more can I say.


Thank you Charlotte

James x


- James, April 2019

I recently had a delicious double with two Wolf's, Charlotte and Georgie. I was nervous to start with but both of them were so easy to talk to that I was soon relaxed. What I really liked was how accommodating they were and their willingness to please me. I love a curvy woman and both of them didn't disappoint. I originally chose Georgie with one of her regular partners but they weren't available but once I saw Charlotte's photos I was hooked. Considering they'd only just met that week the two of them connected so well its as if they've been friends for years. Charlotte's best part, along with her lovely curves and soft skin, is her long passionate and sexy kissing. I could have spent the entire time kissing. I wont go into what else we did but lets just say I was satisfied sexually, emotionally and had a boost to my self esteem. I will be seeing her again soon.


- John, February 2019

Charlotte is an absolute professional at her job when it come to fantasy she able to bring that realm to life and when i went to see her she was able accommodate me very well which made me feel very relax she is a also very to talk to which i loved as well because good conversation in the bedroom is very important and Charlotte also has the ability to be cute and intense at the same time i would give Charlotte 5 stars i highly recommend her.


- Din, January 2019

This young lady is a fantastic. Making contact by text was easy and responsive. The biggest surprise was spending some time with her. She made love to you like your girlfriend would, no clock watching as well.

A very sensual lady, recommend a few hours with her.

I will be calling on her sooner then later.

Thank you Charlotte.


- Paul, January 2019

I had the pleasure of meeting and enjoying sometime with Charlotte. She is a very well spoken, kind and genuine woman who can make you feel comfortable. My experience with her allowed me gauge at how open minded when was and truly explore with her without feeling held back.


What we explored at the time she may not have done but when it came to delivering she executed it very well and provided an experience that allowed us to both enjoy it. Charlotte has this smile and persona that is truly gorgeous and once you meet her you will understand what I mean.


- Edward, July 2018

I recently had the pleasure of a booking with the sultry Charlotte on her NQ Tour. Charlotte is an engaging conversationalist, building an instant rapport with her clients, and has a genuine interest in the person she is with, finding out about their fantasies and desires.

Charlotte is an enchanting beauty with mesmerising eyes, gorgeous smile, beautiful sensual soft feminine armpit hair, kissable lips and a bright and vibrant personality. I highly recommend seeing Charlotte, as she is a sexy distraction from everyday life, and leaves a positive lasting impression, and is beautiful inside and out.

Charlotte is a special treat, that you can never get enough of. The icing on the cake with cherry on top. I can not wait to see Charlotte again, for another highly sexually charged encounter.


- Colin, July 2018

So to make one thing perfectly clear....Charlotte is an absolute wonder. Being that I am fairly new to escort service, I decided to book Charlotte's services for 3 hours, what I did not expect was to enjoy talking to her so much that I went through my initial booking time without realizing it. Decided to tack on another 2 hours because why not? I gotta say, Charlotte is one of the most sensual women I have met, she's very down to earth, funny and warm and is also very open minded as well as an intelligent conversationalist. She's also very good at catering to your interests and needs as well. So my word of advice to the lads, lasses and couples out there, do yourself a favour and don't book for less than 2 hours, it is absolutely worth it and you'll walk away with a smile on your face.


- Logan, July 2018

Charlotte was a total delight throughout our sms conversations arranging the meeting and during our time together. Her website photos were the initial magnet and in person she is beautiful and intelligent, making light of any awkwardness or shortcomings. With the gift of being able to relax and enchant, and focus totally on you, she really does convince that your pleasure and satisfaction are her only goal. Charlotte made sure the meeting was packed with pleasure and the time just flew. I was smitten and look forward to seeing her again.

- Jim, July 2018

I spent a couple of hours with Charlotte recently and she is truly a beautiful person inside and out. A pleasure to speak to, she put my anxieties at ease immediately with some genuinely great, meaningful conversation. In the bedroom she has a naturally sexy way about her. The way she moved and even her facial expressions were extremely seductive. She was eager to please and made me feel desired.


I would highly recommend spending some time with Charlotte.


- Mark, April 2018

Wow!! Charlotte is amazing natural beauty. It felt as though we had known each other for years when we got talking. Her eyes are an amazing colour blue. Softly spoken beautiful woman who knows how to make you feel at ease with her. I will definitely see her again soon.


- Lee,  March 2018

I don't normally write reviews, but on this occasion I wanted to share with you my delightful and wicked experiences with Charlotte since she has just gone independent and she is one young lady certainly well worth seeing. I saw her new and intriguing photos on Scarlet Blue by chance and could tell from the profile and photos she would be nice, but naughty and she didn't disappoint. I first texted Charlotte with a couple of days notice and she responded back very quickly which was fantastic. I was looking forward to our encounter all weekend and when I met her at the front door, wow she was stunning in person. Very genuinely friendly to me with long and passionate kisses, and the eyes were absolutely welcoming with a hint of naughtiness. Charlotte dressed up for me as requested and provided a very slow and sexy striptease. Then she skilfully teased me with a variety of services and packed in plenty of extras into the one hour booking. I can't give you all the details but I went away with a smile on my face and Charlotte had definitely exceeded my expectations. She is one stunning lady you should see for a fantastic and unique experience.


- Bob, August 2017

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